You can see these prints and paintings in person and also find many more by going to the
Shops at 27 S. Main in Travelers Rest, SC.   Call 834-7589 for details,
or E-mail us at
We give 10% discount for dealers with tax ID number.


L. Tang Oil on Canvas, Junk in Harbor
12" by 16"     $50.00
(please excuse reflection of flash)

K. Ahlefeld Oil on Canvas  Rocky coastline
16" x 20"    $75.00.

Two Art Nouveau posters by Richard Bong,   each 12" by 16"       $50.00 each



Lamar Sparkman's Collectors Print,  "Masters Time - 10th Tee"
signed and numbered,  16"x 20"     $125.00

Old Astrological Prints 
each 12" by 16" 
$125.00/pr Michael Verlanozia Artwork pressed paper, mixed media ca 24"x36"
1806 English Handcolored Engraving " the Young Savoyards Departure" 8" x 10"  $125.00
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